Business Card Typography

Posted on November 18, 2011

I found that it’s a lot easier to cut up my playing around into small segments, this way I can really try a specific concept or idea and not adulterate it with seven other ideas, and critiques are easier to make.

Admittedly, this is FAR easier than a large scale project, and the speed of start to finish is far more enjoyable and gratifying. Let me know what you think PLEASE. The featured image wasn’t a real try, it was just for fun, but I’ll link the full size of that too in case you are curious.

  • Grace Low

    1. I like
    2. Too much going on
    3.  Maybe you can make thin white vertical lines to show that it is not a round pencil. I know pencils can be round, but it may look more obvious if you make the geometric outlines.
    4. Meh.

    • Thanks, I like the (#3) pencil lines idea. Definitely going to give that a go. #2 I’m really up in the air about. I like the movie style, but the logo is really intrusive on the card, however when I shrink it, it looks awkward.

      #4 is silly, I don’t ever plan on printing that in any capacity.

      #1 I’m also up in the air about. It’s simple, and I like it….frankly, I ran out of adjectives to use haha.

  • Joe Bruno IV

    i love how different each of them are. i like my teacher desk