The Power of Data – Hacking into the Indian Education System

Debarghya Das, A computer hacker in India, uncovers a huge discrepancy in the Indian High School Assessment Exams by analyzing data the same way I do.

Basically, he hacked into the database with the original intention of writing to them and offering them his services on how to fix the security holes. After obtaining the data however, he couldn’t help himself in running some statistical analysis.
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Rainbow Grunge Texture Piece

I made this just for fun, but thought someone might enjoy the high resolution texture.
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I love my job.

It’s been about two months since I started my new job. I finally feel like I’m doing what I was meant to. Everything here comes so naturally to me, I feel challenged, understood, and overall extremely satisfied.

Just a quick update, because I haven’t done anything on the website in a while besides upkeep on the back end. I haven’t taken any photos or done any big projects really, except Jonan the Jobarian, which now that I think about it, I don’t know why I haven’t put that up here. I’ll do that ASAP. As in, next year some time.

Yay! Engineering! 😀

Dragon’s Breath

We made a new piece! It’s called Dragon’s Breath. A special request from a dear friend of mine Samir Balwani made it to the top of our list. He requested a drink that would be ideal for shots, totally unique, and cool. Easy enough 🙂
Click read more for the full process, and the ingredients!

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Don’t ever do business with

This is pretty much the only place I can do something about it, so I’ll do whatever I can.
I’ll put the TL;DR right on top.


Placed an order with shirtpunch in April, order was half fulfilled in a month, repeated communication, no refund, no fulfillment of second half of order, still waiting. February of the following year, finally get my refund. That’s a 10 month fulfillment time.


So, a few months ago (April 25th, 2012), I ordered six shirts from It was an awesome Nathan Fillion shirt, showing him wearing his full Mal gear, pulling open his shirt to reveal his Captain Hammer tee underneath. Pretty sweet! Well, the original order took about a month to fulfill, and I only got three shirts. What gives, right? So I contacted them (May 25th, 2012), and asked hey, where’s my other three shirts? Two days later, I got a response apologizing, and asking for some info so they could look into it. At this point I’m a little sad, but nowhere near mad. I know what it’s like to all of a sudden have to fulfill a thousand orders, and I’m patient.

May 29th after a quick back and forth, they said they’d send out the missing shirts. June 19th 2012 rolls around and I e-mail them again saying “hey, what happened?” They apologized for the delay and said it was on its way…..At this point, the shirts are lost to me, the point is moot, I can’t give the shirts out to my friends like I wanted, I just want to not feel royally taken advantage of.

July 30th, I’m now no longer sad, just mad. I e-mail them again more along the lines of “Hey, what gives??” At which point I’m responded with a “sorry, We’ll refund you AND send you the t shirts.” Okay, I can see they’re attempting reparation. They’ve lost me as a customer, but maybe I won’t feel so damaged from the transaction.

August 24th, I e-mail them saying “So, should I just assume that you’ve stolen my money and call it quits?”

And he asks for my paypal info to refund me, to which I am still waiting. So yeah, don’t buy from ever.

I filed a report with the BBB, and they’re current standing with them is an F. That should give you an idea that I’m not an isolated incident.

I’ve given the two shirts I got away, never got the other three, and never got my money back (for at least half the order, I expected this to have happened LONG ago…). I regret buying this via paypal, because there’s pretty much nothing I can do. Paypal refuses to dispute it.

It’s worth mentioning that even though it took nearly a year, they did end up refunding my purchase, in full. Normally, I’d consider the previous exchange almost redemption worthy, however another e-dweller has found my review after being screwed by ShirtPunch recently, and wanted to contribute to my article with his story. Not only was he screwed, but he was upset by the quality. Look for an update soon, hopefully.

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Outmaneuver out for iPhone and iPad

check it out! My brother’s company developed their first online game, it’s a lot like Stratego, the world famous strategy game (it’s kind of like a blend of Chess, and Chinese Checkers).

I strongly recommend it, it’s a ton of fun!

get it on the App Store now!!!

and a shameless link to his website

and here are some screen caps:

Battlestar Galactica is frakkin huge

So, my three favorite ships in the Sci Fi genre are as follows (not in order because please don’t make me do that):

Battlestar Galactica, Serenity, and the Millenium Falcon.

I did a scale check to see how they stack up. I knew the order of size would be Millenium Falcon at the smallest, Firefly at nearly double the size, and BSG would be the proverbial tractor trailor. I had no idea it would be THIS extreme until I started actually looking up the number. From the best resources I could find, this is an image of the scale (click to view full size):

Holy cow!

“Customer Appreciation” Pic of the Last Supper Mosaic

Star Wars Last Supper Mosaic will never die! haha

This was sent to me from a friend who printed and framed it. I’m so happy to see it making it to people’s homes!!! 😀

If you have a “customer appreciation” picture, please send it to me! I’ll post about it and link to wherever you like (appropriate, of course). Here’s my contact info

GeekGlassware LLC is official!

Yay, I filed for an LLC. That makes me a CEO. Kind of cool I guess. I don’t feel any different, am I supposed to be getting a package in the mail that teaches me how to be a jerk, or will that just happen over time? ha ha, just kidding.

Seriously, though: is also now live, and so is the Etsy page, facebook page, and twitter account. Also made the subreddit for a small nest of future planning that I’ve got in mind with the help from my best CEO-friend, Samir Balwani (he owns and runs I traded him tech support for advice and all that 🙂

The homepage for geekglassware is just a landing page, takes you directly to my Etsy account (which I am both proud and sad to say is nearly sold out of inventory). More glasses coming soon!