Bridesmaid Gifts

We made both our groomsmen gifts and our bridesmaids gift ourselves. Here’s quick recap of how we made the bridesmaid gifts:

It all started with this “log” we pulled out of our firewood pile:
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Bike Racks for Akshay & Linda!

I will first say, I shamelessly stole this from someone else, I thought I could build it myself and it would be more meaningful.

I will also definitely say now that I would 100% buy it if I were to do it again, the cost is very reasonable considering how much work it actually required to get it to this level of finish.

Here’s the render of what I want to make:

I blew up the template, cut it up into 8.5×11 sheets, printed out the template on my regular printer, taped it all together, cut it out, stuck it to the wood and used a jig saw to cut it out, with a bit of a buffer for fine tuning later:
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Made a Lightsaber!

So, I built my friend a Lightsaber, and display stand for Christmas! It’s his combination christmas present and 30th birthday present.

And technically, I didn’t built it, I bought it from ultrasaber, but I HEAVILY customized it for him. Let’s get right into it!

Here it is straight from Ultrasabers:

2015-10-28 14.12.20

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Closet Slat Box

After redoing the closet, I disassembled and recovered whatever I thought would be worthwhile to recover from the old accordion style closet doors (you can see them here in my previous post)

I packed up the closet slats in saran wrapped parcels of 10 slats each, in total I had around 250. This project would consume around 100, give or take a couple.
2015-10-18 13.58.01
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Projector Screen Build

I built a projector screen! I learned a lot of lessons. There will be another projector screen, probably in the spring/summer of 2015 that will benefit from all the mistakes I made in this one.

Mistake number one, used hardwood for the frame. Expensive, and it eventually grew to warp 🙁

Okay, here’s what it looked like before:

2014-10-27 18.32.37

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Dungeon Build Log

Here’s the full build log of the dungeon tiles, pieces, and tokens. If you want to skip to the end, click here to go straight to the “glamour shots.” After the glamour shots is a video timelapse of the game, as well.

Planned Dungeon Pieces
Here’s the dungeon tiles I have planned. I did it by scale in autocad and then fit them together to see how many foam core and styrofoam boards I would need.

2014-06-07 10.57.58
Shopping trip to Michael’s! (And Home Depot)

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Space Aquarium

So, my dad got a new 135 gallon fish tank, and he bought a repeating pattern backing that was really bland and boring. I floated the idea of letting me do something really special for him, and he immediately said yes, before even hearing most of the idea.

It came out quite well, not as well as I think I’d like, but for around $100, it came out AMAZING.
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Okay. Lightpack is the greatest thing ever. Here’s the full unboxing, setup, and video demo of Lightpack. I’ll link where you can get your own at the end.

First photo, these are the two lightpacks in their original box:
2014-02-01 12.47.34
Open up the brown casing and these neat packaging is on the inside:
2014-02-01 12.48.41
I’m happy to oblige, and I certainly opened it up immediately:
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Making a Comic Table

I promised Umur I’d post something this week, so here’s something I’ve been holding until I got the last completed photo in, but said screw it.

So, we first tried mod podging some random magazine clippings, get an idea of how it all works, how much to use, all that.

My only major tip is mod podge light, even coats, and after it semi dries, go over it again on top to really penetrate through the paper. Glossy and other impenetrable media are a bit more difficult to work with, but light even coats is the only way to avoid rippling with that as well.

on to the process!
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