Four Free Logos (Completed!)

Posted on September 20, 2011

Firstly, I know it’s supposed to be five, but I’m still working on one logo and it’s taking longer than expected. I’ll just post these four up for now and maybe update this post or write a new article for the last brand/design. As promised they weren’t perfect, but they were free! Thanks to all five participants for helping me have some fun and I hope my logos provided some usefulness for you too! If anything, now when you actually pay someone to design you a brand you know what to ask for and you have a launching pad.

And if you haven’t seen the original posting requesting these logos, it’s right over here.

Click read more for all the branding!

Samba Nova

Thanks John for letting me help get your music a little more notoriety May good karma find us all! šŸ™‚
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I enjoyed this one, but I can’t take credit for the hand. I did vector-ize it, but he supplied the source image. See the group at

Wind Rush Auto Salon

This one is for a friend who happened to get in before my group filled up (No favoritism, I promise!). I hope you enjoy the garage Rob!
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Whoosh! I feel the wind

And a single image for little stickers and whatever else he might want to do with it.

Loup Garou Brewery

This is Josh Kane’s microbrew, named after the New Orleans werewolf I expect he shall be providing the area with a beer that’s got some bite soon enough (teehee!)
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I’m excited to try the special brew Weizenquake (named so because it was fermenting during the east coast earthquake!)[/box]

The Wanderer

Nice fella from this Florida-based folk/country band contacted me with some excitement for a branding. I hope I could help! Here’s a link to the band’s facebook page.

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Good relaxing music! I listened to it on loop while designing this one.[/box]