I’m offering free logo designs to the first five people

Posted on September 12, 2011

Firstly, the picture on the left is my old laptop keyboard. Secondly, yes, I’m offering free logo designs to the first five people that are nice enough to contact me. I HAVE OBTAINED FIVE TEST SUBJECTS! Mwahahahaha, sorry to anyone else who wanted a logo. Maybe I’ll do this again if it turns out to be a lot of fun 🙂 I’m going to give free logo designing to the first five people that contact me (and I’ll update this post to say so when I do). It doesn’t have to be a small business you’re starting, I can even do individual branding, or just something fun. If you’re one of the first few people to contact you can use my work slot for whatever you want, even if it’s giving it away to someone else. I’ll even go as far as to give everyone one or two revisions (probably just one, unless the second one is really minor). Yes, I’m serious, this is free. I’m just bored and need a little inspiration to get back into my groove. On delivery you can expect the high resolution images and I’ll even toss in the original files I use for editing. No, I do not guarantee happiness, but I do guarantee it will be free and not the worst thing made in the world.

Hit the read more to see some random samples of stuff I’ve done in the past.

Most of this stuff was paid work, some of it was voluntary. I won’t distinguish which was which publicly.

[box type=”shadow”][tooltip text=”360 Kings”][/tooltip]
360 Kings[/box]
[box type=”shadow”][tooltip text=”One of my fraternity’s rush shirts (Delta Sigma Phi)”][/tooltip]
The back of my favorite rush shirt[/box]

[box type=”shadow”][tooltip text=”This one never got made, but I may end up making a batch for anyone in my chapter that may want one.”][/tooltip]
Another potential rush shirt[/box]

[box type=”shadow”][tooltip text=”This was for some clan in Diablo II that provided some service. If you know what this is advertising then you know why I don’t care to explain :p”][/tooltip]
Diablo II clan advertisement[/box]

[box type=”shadow”][tooltip text=”RU Mr. Engineer competition, basically a beauty pageant for charity involving the males in the Rutgers Engineering program”][/tooltip]
RU Mr. Engineer[/box]

[box type=”shadow”][tooltip text=”The Average Guys”][/tooltip]
The Average Guys, another Diablo II clan advert[/box]

So let me know what you think in the comments below or hit up my e-mail if you’d like some free logo design! I’m not promising it will be perfect, but it will be free!