Devon A Lawler

Another card 🙂

That is NOT his real contact info, for obvious reasons.
The back is actually going to be a partial UV spot gloss, but here’s a composite example showcasing what sort of almost looks like:

Merry Christmas Robin!

We shared our gifts early, and now I can share mine to Robin with you early 🙂
For her Christmas present I took a page out of my buddy’s book and made her a brand. Business cards, personal web-portfolio-resume-thing, customized laptop, and a very special Robin at robinkurachik dot com email address. Here’s the business cards:


Way more pictures after the link, including a customized laptop

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Miercom Business Cards

It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission, so I went ahead and redid the Miercom business card. The shaded ethernet logo is actually a UV spot map (i.e. partial gloss) which you’ll see in the actual photo. I overlaid it just to give a good conceptual image.
Here’s the back:

And for example:

Click the link for photos and more:
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Footprint Fitness

I was recently approached to help do some logo design. It was for a friend, so I did free of charge (permitting he’d allow me to post it on my website)
Here’s the original doodle he sent me, his wife was actually the doodler.

I’ll skip all the version stuff because nobody really wants to see it except him and I. Here are a bunch of color swatches he asked for on the final version(s). The last two are an alternate version for a green initiative. I enjoyed this a lot, mostly because of who I was working with but also because the underlying reasons and motivations were very similar to another project I’ve been working on. Also, I like curvy things.
Click the link for the finals:
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Best business card I’ve ever made. Dan Bennett.

This business card is the best business card I will ever, and can ever produce. I should retire at the top.

Also, I tried to bring myself to make a typo, but i just couldn’t go that low.

Jeremy Sciarappa – Dark Screen Films

I did the logo design as well (which appears on the back), but that was a separate project and, in internet terms, ancient history.

Also, I realized I should probably be watermarking my images and not putting ultra high resolution versions up on the internet.

Anywho, some card-age!

Joe Bruno IV Business Card

This is the final after I got some feedback and stuff.

and in case anyone’s wondering, the EXIF info from the photo:

Andrew Kim

More business cards 🙂

Henry Meadors

More business cards, for another coworker. Seems this is my place in life, and I’m 100% okay with it. Making business cards is a ton of fun.