Closet Slat Box

After redoing the closet, I disassembled and recovered whatever I thought would be worthwhile to recover from the old accordion style closet doors (you can see them here in my previous post)

I packed up the closet slats in saran wrapped parcels of 10 slats each, in total I had around 250. This project would consume around 100, give or take a couple.
2015-10-18 13.58.01
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End of Days Monitor [Part III] (Final!)

To be honest, I kind of wish I never called this a steampunk monitor, because people have certain expectations of steampunk. It’s a provocative buzz word, and I’m guilty of trying to appear in search results. Really, this is more of an “industrial grunge” or an “End of Days” monitor [Editor note: I originally titled all my posts Steampunk Monitor but have since changed them, and the accompanying URLs]. Anywho, onwards!

  • Aperture: ƒ/6.7
  • Camera: NIKON D90
  • ISO: 200

Here’s the frame all painted. I used wrinkle black to get a rough texture, and it came out quite nicely.

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