“Customer Appreciation” Pic of the Last Supper Mosaic

Star Wars Last Supper Mosaic will never die! haha

This was sent to me from a friend who printed and framed it. I’m so happy to see it making it to people’s homes!!! 😀

If you have a “customer appreciation” picture, please send it to me! I’ll post about it and link to wherever you like (appropriate, of course). Here’s my contact info

Star Wars Last Supper Mosaic (New)

I did it. For the countless e-mails I’ve received, for my love of big projects, for Star Wars, and for myself. I remade the star wars mosaic. Admittedly, I did not spend as much time creating it as I did the first time. Whether it’s because I’m better at it than I was, whether I was just lazier and didn’t take as much care, who knows. I have created a few print size downloads, one is 300 dpi , one is 600dpi, and one is 900 dpi. Continue reading for the download links and more screenshots. Continue reading “Star Wars Last Supper Mosaic (New)” »

It’s being reposted. Next week. Subscribe if you like, or just check back. I pinky swears it.

I will have a 200dpi .pdf version, about 225MB, and a 600dpi .psb version, about 2.21GB. Download at your own leisure. Smaller versions will be available for viewing in your browser. I may make a publicly tracked torrent, but I don’t think it will get much traffic and it may be easier to just directly download it via HTTP. I also may do a piece wise download to make it easier on some lower bandwidth guests.

Several years later, and my highest traffic provider is still my last supper mosaic. I get the message, I’ll make a new one and make it available for FREE for anyone.