Merry Christmas Robin!

We shared our gifts early, and now I can share mine to Robin with you early 🙂
For her Christmas present I took a page out of my buddy’s book and made her a brand. Business cards, personal web-portfolio-resume-thing, customized laptop, and a very special Robin at robinkurachik dot com email address. Here’s the business cards:


Way more pictures after the link, including a customized laptop

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View websites in 3D models

it’s pretty neat!
Check out the firefox add-on here:

and the blog about it:

after you set it up, simply press Ctrl+Shift+M and BAM all 3-Dness in your face (or command+shift+M for you mac users)

Yet another new web page launch

What can I say, I get bored easily and I like starting new projects. It gives me inspiration!

Anywho, enjoy! I’m dropping all pretense and just saying screw it. I’m a big steam punk fan, and I’m showing it with this website.