Star wars traffic

Posted on November 9, 2011

Several years later, and my highest traffic provider is still my last supper mosaic. I get the message, I’ll make a new one and make it available for FREE for anyone.

  • Joe Bruno IV

    avi, you’re so amazing.

    can you make it full HD?

    • the term “full HD” is a misnomer. What does full HD even mean?
      1920×1080? Bitch please. that’s barely over 2 megapixels. The original
      was over 2000 megapixels. if I showed a unique portion of the image on
      every HDTV in a best buy at native resolution, it still wouldn’t fit the
      entire mosaic.

      • Joe Bruno IV

        are you going to make it even bigger with double the video cards and processing power?

        • I feel like you have this mild obtuse understanding of how computers function…

        • Doubtful. The first one was unnaturally large already, printed at 300dpi it was overreaching a normally figurative 10 foot pole with a literal 11 foot width. The next one will definitely be 600dpi, or if i can maybe 1200dpi and I will shoot for a size of maximum 6′ wide (and 4′ tall, most likely)